LGCM ‘wholeheartedly’ supports the Equal Love campaign

The Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement – whose chief executive, Sharon Ferguson, is half of one of the couples participating in the campaign – has given the Equal Love campaign its support.

LGCM wholeheartedly supports the ‘Equal Love’ Campaign

LGCM has always been at the forefront of the campaign for marriage for lesbian and gay couples and therefore totally support our Chief Executive, Rev Sharon Ferguson and her partner as the lead same gender couple in the Equal Love campaign.

It was a hard decision for the organisation to agree to the introduction of Civil Partnerships in 2005 but, at the time, the protection and legal rights that were offered were too great to risk by holding out for full equality. However, the time is now right to press forward once again.

LGCM strongly believes that the current system, only allowing people either a marriage or a Civil Partnership, based solely on the gender of the person they love is a form of sexual second-class citizenship. Both marriage and Civil Partnerships should be available to all couples regardless of gender. The choice of how to celebrate this lifelong commitment should belong to the couple, not the state.

Whilst we respect and honour the decision of all couples who have entered into a Civil Partnership it is only befitting that we should be campaigning for marriage. We are a Christian organisation and recognise that many Christians hold a deep conviction that marriage is ordained by God for the nurturance of all people called to this vocation.

It is clear from the recent polls that society is in favour of ‘gay marriage’ and even with the almost identical benefits afforded by Civil Partnerships, many gay and lesbian couples would still prefer to be able to get married.

Visit the LGCM website to find out more about the group.

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