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"We call on the government to end the twin bans on same-sex civil marriages and opposite-sex civil partnerships. In a democratic society, everyone should be equal before the law. This means opening up civil marriages and civil partnerships in register offices and other licensed premises to all couples, gay and heterosexual, without discrimination."

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Latest Signatories

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  • Luke Blackburn
  • [Name not displayed]
  • Roxy Warrick. I do not want to be anyone's "wife"; just want our partnership to be recognised in las
  • Giulia Mauri
  • [Name not displayed]. I have been in a heterosexual relationship for 22 years and like so many who have commented before me have no desire to marry. However after committing our lives to this relationship why do we not have the same legal rights as a married or same sex couple. I am in full support of civil partnerships for all without discrimination.
  • Samia Tasnim. Love is Love.
  • [Name not displayed]. I addressed this in a email to the House of Commons but it's was rebuked. And the reason; a minority of persons were asked and the majority of that minority opposed the change as they saw no reason to change the law as marriage is still an available option to heterosexual couples. This is not and never will be good enough. Who on earth did the ask? I am not religious therefore why do I not have an option. I find it unacceptable that I do not have the same rights as a homosexual person. I am in full support that both options should be available to everyone.
  • katie
  • MIchael Wolfindale
  • kandida purnell
  • [Name not displayed]. Cameron thinks opposite sex civil partnerships will undermine marriage. Doesn't say much for his faith!
  • Geoffrey Goolnik
  • Fiona Scrase. Like so many marriage is for for me however being in a legally recognised relationship that honours our commitment is. I wholehearted agree with civil partnerships to all.
  • Emma-Jane Daly. I would not consider marriage. I would consider a civil partnership.
  • [Name not displayed]. Support opposite sex civil partnerships
  • Dominique Brady
  • [Name not displayed]. Civil partnerships must be made available for heterosexual partners, for those with no need , reason or wish to be defined in terms of the gender roles husband and wife. It' about the declaration and recognition of commitment and love. Let's hear 'Spouses for life! ' for every one who wants to make that choice.
  • Sheelah. Feel discriminated against for being straight. This is long overdue.
  • Nia Campbell
  • Sarah Miller
  • Judith
  • Joanne Hall
  • Helen Tomlinson
  • christine woodward. I have been with my partner over 16 years and strongly believe that we should have the same rights as married couples and same sex civil partnerships. It is wrong to be told by lawyers that we need to get married for tax and inheritance purposes.
  • Vicki elcoate. been together over 30 years and fed up with lawyers telling us to get married to sort out wills, pension, inheritance tax etc. never wanted to enter the institution of marriage but would happily sign up for legal status for our partnership.

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Email your MP & MEP

Please email your MP and MEPs.  Ask them to write on your behalf to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, urging him to bring forward legislation to end the bans on gay civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships. You can find out who your MP and MEPs are, and email them direct, via this website: www.writetothem.com

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