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"We call on the government to end the twin bans on same-sex civil marriages and opposite-sex civil partnerships. In a democratic society, everyone should be equal before the law. This means opening up civil marriages and civil partnerships in register offices and other licensed premises to all couples, gay and heterosexual, without discrimination."

Please note that this petition must only be signed by residents of the United Kingdom.


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  • Kate. I would like the option for a civil partnership. Me and my partner want to be recognised by law to be together.
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  • selvaggia alberghini
  • hxbcrrvzsm
  • Zoe. I don't want to be his wife. I am his partner, equal and want the same legal rights as those who are prepared to be given away by their father, in a virginal state, as property. Please give us another choice.
  • Laura Bennett. I do not want to be anyone's 'wife'.
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  • JsQUTasnaC
  • Ed Riley
  • Jenny Wright. My partner and I would like to have a Civil Partnership, but are unable to because we are a heterosexual couple. It is unbelievable that the law is still, after all this time, discriminatory and unfair.
  • Amy Kousourou
  • QwPPDtbcxI
  • Stefano Fuschetto
  • Mark Schofield
  • claire hill
  • Jonathan Rogers
  • Emily Cockerill
  • Emily Cockerill
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After you have signed – TAKE ACTION

Email your MP & MEP

Please email your MP and MEPs.  Ask them to write on your behalf to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, urging him to bring forward legislation to end the bans on gay civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships. You can find out who your MP and MEPs are, and email them direct, via this website: www.writetothem.com

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