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"We call on the government to end the twin bans on same-sex civil marriages and opposite-sex civil partnerships. In a democratic society, everyone should be equal before the law. This means opening up civil marriages and civil partnerships in register offices and other licensed premises to all couples, gay and heterosexual, without discrimination."

Please note that this petition must only be signed by residents of the United Kingdom.


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  • [Name not displayed]. The fact that other HUMAN BEINGS are being denied 'permission' to wed each other regardless of what is or isn't dangling between their legs just fucking pisses me off. If write this on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, an undeniably horrifying day and event...but so is abject suffering and persecution. If certain entities can't bring themselves to treat their own people accordingly - with true respect - then what's the point in making nice for one day and 'honouring' the dead for one day when you can't even be bothered enough with the living and making them suffer when you could bring joy to many, some of whom are quite possibly also suffering through Covid and/or terminal illnesses?

    Be kind. Even Fred Phelps changed his mind in the end.
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  • [Name not displayed]. Please acknowledge civil partnerships between heterosexual relationships as well as same sex relationships
  • Chloe
  • zj8dTLvOYi
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  • judy lee. equality for all
  • swusaymewmvbdtc
  • [Name not displayed]. I'm an ally to the LGBT community and I think everyone deserves the same rights. A marriage should just be a marriage, no matter the gender of the two people.
  • [Name not displayed]. As a gay male couple we fully support this petition
  • Isabel Bagnoli
  • Ben Goldsworthy. Sod the church, if I ever want to scam tax breaks under the guise of heterosexual love I'll call it a civil partnerships thankyou very much
  • [Name not displayed]
  • Zoe Moores. Keep up the campaign!
  • John Kenny. I want the same rights as everyone else. Equality is the backbone of any democracy.
  • Chris Smith. I have been living with my partner in a hetrosexual relationship for 17 years. No piece of paper, such as a marriage certificate will increase, decrease or change the way I feel about my parter, but legal recognition of my commitment to her would give me peace of mind knowing that when I'm gone what was mine will be hers. I don't think that is asking too much!
  • [Name not displayed]
  • diana osman
  • Andrew Bennett. We wish to be equal too , although we've been together for 30 years we feel marriage isn't for us .
  • Liam Cahill
  • [Name not displayed]

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Please email your MP and MEPs.  Ask them to write on your behalf to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, urging him to bring forward legislation to end the bans on gay civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships. You can find out who your MP and MEPs are, and email them direct, via this website: www.writetothem.com

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